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Use this form to request engraving related to existing order numbers. For assistance or if you cannot locate your reorder number please call us at 1-800-255-6085.

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Submissions for 100+ plates: Complete the first set of 100 with a note in Special Instructions indicating this (for e.g., engraving set 1 of 2), then please close and reopen the webpage, and continue with the next set of plates.

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Fill in text at the top of this column and click the "Add This Plate" link to add as many new engraving plates as you like. Edit any existing plate by changing text right on the plate. Click the "Review" button in the left column when you are done adding plates.

Each plate has a maximum of 5 lines of text. Each line of text has a maximum of 35 characters. The recommended number of text lines is as follows: 5 lines or less for MRP and DMRP style plaques, 4 lines or less for MHP and DMHP style plaques, and 3 lines or less for Perpetual style plaques. For DIG style plaques, any FIXED text need not be submitted. Please submit only VARIABLE lines of information.

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Click the "Review" button to review your engraving and then click accept on the pop-up page in order to submit it. You will have an opportunity to edit your plates before submission.

Please review your engraving plate text and click the red button at the bottom of this popup to confirm and submit your order. DO NOT HIT BACK, there is an option to continue editing below

IMPORTANT: The customer assumes all responsibility for any inaccurate information. We cannot make changes to orders already in progress. All corrections must be re-submitted through the website (only the corrected plates, please do not re-send the full order). If your plates must be re-engraved due to any mistakes in what you submit we cannot guarantee your due date and you may be responsible for any rush shipping charges.

When you click this box you agree that this is your final plate request. Your plates will be engraved EXACTLY as submitted so all proofreading must be done now.

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