Varsity Letter

Varsity Letters are awards typically given out by high schools and colleges to students who achieve excellence in school sports or other competitive arenas. Varsity Letters have been viewed as a mark of prestige since the mid-1800's when they were first introduced by various universities in the American educational system. They've adorned the varsity jackets and cheerleading uniforms for the best known academic and sports organizations in US history and play an integral role in fostering school spirit throughout educational institutions all over the modern world.

Also known as chenille letters, award letters or custom monograms, these classic items come in a variety of different sizes, colors and patterns. The most popular styles include one, two and three letter groupings with characters set in various collegiate block letter fonts. Shapes and colors can be customized to match any school's traditional branding. Small patches and insignias can be inserted into the design if desired. Pick from a huge selection of pre-built designs where you get to customize the letters and colors or allow us to create a custom design catering to your exact needs.

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